In 1996, he created Studio Massaud and extended his activity to architecture and development strategy. He works with references as varied as Poliform, B&B Italia, Axor Hansgrohe, Dior, Lancôme or Renault.

Beyond the purity of lines (from the Omnilife Stadium in Mexico, the flying Manned Cloud Hotel and the ME.WE concept car to tableware and furniture collections), his quest for lightness – in terms of essence – synthesises three broader issues: collective and individual fulfilment, economic and industrial efficiency and environmental concern.

I try to find an honest, generous way (…), with the idea that between the hard economic data, there are users, people”.  Jean-Marie Massaud

Whether speculative or pragmatic, his proposals explore this now imperative paradigm: reconciling pleasure and responsibility, individual scale and collective sphere.

“When I work on a project, there is always an attempt to renew the subject in which I am involved”. JMM. Another distinctive feature of his approach.

At the same time, research and development into concepts are still linked to the quality of the experience, whether in the field of transportation, boating, prefabricated architecture or proposals for goods and services that meet the challenges of our era.

© Poliform
© Poliform

Jean-Marie Massaud has designed many creations for the Italian brand POLIFORM around a certain idea of comfort and a refined but warm art of living.

XXL sofas, coffee tables with a soft touch and clean lines, clever and compact storage systems or even structured dining tables and armchairs designed like a second skin, the furniture is adorned with the finest materials: solid wood, exceptional leathers, technical textiles, polished steel…

The materials converse with each other and overlap marvellously. French luxury, refined and ultra-contemporary, for exceptional interiors in the four corners of the globe.

 “I like to work while posing and dreaming: cycling, paddle surfing, then resting and so the intuitions come. I immerse my mind in the experience of life, the quality, the comfort, the atmosphere of this experience that I want to live and share. This allows me to imagine the furniture and objects that will contribute to this experience. I sketch everything and return to my outdoor activities. My tools: a notebook and a pencil to draw spontaneous sketches “.

In fact, Jean-Marie Massaud works on many projects in different fields almost simultaneously. All his thoughts feed on each other. Taking a step back through physical activities allows him to settle each subject and reach a clear synthesis. Then, it is a development work that he leads with his team in order to refine all the architectural details, the proportions, the technical data, the finishes, the refinement…

However, it so happens that the main idea comes after 15 minutes of conversation with intelligent people about insane situations: then a vision of the stakes of the context immediately comes a clear. “I take out a sheet of paper and I draw the draft very quickly “.

Opposite – on the left – the Stanford armchair: a chic little armchair, streamlined, compact but distinguished and comfortable, always in a search for lightness and refinement. This armchair adapts and enhances itself in all situations, from the living room to the hotel room. Manufactured by Poliform.

Opposite – right – the Ube stool is an element of rupture, a work of art lent to the functionality of the living room. Inspired by the seed of the sea coconut, a tropical fruit with a suggestive and sensual shape, the stool is characterised by its concave configuration, becoming a comfortable cradle to sit on. Also radical in its execution, it is made of a solid block of wood, in a classic black elm finish. Manufactured by Poliform.

© Poliform
© Poliform

When I work on a project, there is always an attempt to renew the subject in which I am involved.

Jean-Marie Massaud
© Sabine Serrad
Easy chic by Jean-Marie Massaud

An exhibition to understand the designer/brand relationship.

This exhibition, in the heart of the RBC Lyon showroom, will showcase the latest creations by French designer Jean-Marie Massaud for the Italian brand POLIFORM in a unique way.

The scenography, signed Jean-Marie Massaud, revisits his creations and puts them into perspective with his original intentions. The visitor plunges into the heart of creation and imagines and interprets the forms, materials and colours, thanks to the various elements staged the creative process of the designer and his work with the brand.


© Sabine Serrad